Ritika Trikha

I’m a tech writer, based in San Francisco, CA. I currently write for HackerRank—a developer skill assessment platform—to help deconstruct software, the foundation of modern society.

My work—a mix of long-form thought leadership, original research, and data analysis—has appeared in TechCrunchForbes, VentureBeat, and cited in USA Today, along with other tech and business publications.

Read a couple favorite pieces that I’ve written:

At HackerRank, I’m the director of communications, owning the broader content marketing strategy for the company. I’m responsible for producing content for all three parts of the marketing funnel—-from growing our Share of Voice, to expanding sales assets, and driving conversions.

Before HackerRank, I built the blog for job marketplace CareerBliss.com from scratch—strategically using the rise of Pinterest (656K viewers) to drive traffic.

I strive for consistency, driven by a deep passion for writing to understand something interesting about the world. I’m addicted to using the power of words to help shift perception. (Examples of discussions: Hacker News & Reddit).

My top three goals, always:

  • Conceptualize stories

  • Educate and inspire

  • Compel people to take action




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