Ritika Trikha, Tech Writer

I'm on a mission to break through the noise with powerful content.
These are a few samples of my best work.


Long Form

These articles demonstrate my skills in articulating complex ideas, deep thinking, and persuasion.
My pieces have garnered tens of thousands of views, and—more importantly—generated discussions on strategic social networks,
like Hacker News and Reddit.


[TechCrunch] The Interdependency of Stanford
and silicon Valley

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[Forbes] The Immutability of Math and How
Almost Everything Else Will Pass

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[BLog] The Inevitable Return of COBOL

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Executive Thought leadership

Ghost-written pieces for my CEO & Cofounder on key trends, like immigration and the shortage of technical skilled labor. Each piece garnered spurred debate and high-quality comments on social networks, like Facebook and Hacker News.

[TechCrunch] Unlocking
Trapped Engineers

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[WSJ] Visa Policies Keep Women
from Working

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Built from scratch, I collaborate with internal stakeholders, designers, and data analysts to write survey questions, extrapolate insights, craft a narrative, and publish the story on our microsite in an accessible, engaging way.

My work not only amassed hundreds of thousands of unique views but also garnered notable endorsements from tech visionaries, like the co-founder of Infosys, one of the designers of the Haskell programming language, and more.

2018 Developer Skills Report

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In fact, the success of the 2018 Developer Skills Report sparked the inception of an entire Research arm at HackerRank. Explore more data-driven stories below:


Short Form


The challenge: How do you get a community of 3M+ developers to take a survey? To make it fun and engaging, our team brainstormed and gamified the experience by adding a challenge to complete each level of the survey. This was incredibly fun and gratifying. How often do you hear someone say this is best survey ever!

Developer Skills Survey & Email

Want to learn a little more about me? Read here.

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